During the September literacy month, British Council worked with Huza Press to launch two books. The British Council offered the book launch event as part of the literacy month activities under Rwanda Reads. The event aimed at encouraging young writers to be more creative and to share with them better ways in which they can disseminate their work. Another reason was to enjoy together the launch of two interesting books from the African continent, written by well-known African writers, and showcasing African culture and the authors’ writing talents.


Kigali, Rwanda – September 2016 has once again been designated Literacy Month in Rwanda, the Rwanda Education Board announced today. As the world celebrates the 50th year of International Literacy Day on 8th September 2016, Rwanda will mark the start of a month of activities across Rwanda including in homes, communities, schools, and libraries.

This International Literacy Day, Promote Reading in Homes and Communities.
Rwanda Education Board says.
As the world marks International Literacy Day, the Rwanda Education Board is urging the nation to promote reading in homes and communities. September has also been designated National Literacy Month, and schools, libraries, civil society, publishers and book sellers are also planning wide-ranging reading activities across Rwanda.