• Peer Learning Magazine-Edition 8

    Information and communication technologies (ICT) such as computers, as well as other tools and aspects of this digital era, have transformed the ways we live, work and communicate; this is why we can no longer imagine any teaching and learning paths without ICT. The 8th edition of Urunana rw’abarezi (peer learning magazine) for teachers and school leaders focuses on the contribution of ICT to improving quality education, with an emphasis on basic education.

    The stories shared in this edition depict good practices, lessons learnt and tips on how ICT improves teaching and learning, school administration and management, and how ICT enhances teacher professional development towards improving learning outcomes in basic education schools. Below are the key highlights of the eighth edition of our peer learning magazine.
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  • Literacy Champion Toolkit

    This toolkit highlights best practices for effectively developing parent-school relationships that support students’ learning both in and out of school. It acknowledges that school leadership and parents must commit to working together in order to realize these practices. For this reason, the following modules should be completed collaboratively between the Head Teacher and the SGAC leadership on a monthly basis. Each module is likely to take about 2-3 hours of time, with a follow-up assignment to be completed over the course of the month.

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