What We Do

Soma Rwanda aims to cultivate a culture of reading in a holistic, coordinated manner toward advancing a more literate society better capable of contribution to its own progressive and prosperous future. As noted above, various initiatives and activities targeting the promotion of a reading culture are being implemented by different stakeholders, but much more could be achieved with increased collaboration of efforts. Soma Rwanda aims to develop synergies and bring all stakeholders together, providing a platform for information sharing, networking, and promotion of activities and initiatives with the common goal of improving opportunities for reading that maximizes energy, effort, and resources throughout the country.

By design, Soma Rwanda is a multi-institutional initiative. Soma Rwanda is not an implementation body itself, but rather a knowledge platform and a coordination forum bringing various stakeholders in both the public and private sector together under one common purpose.

Soma Rwanda will be responsible for strengthening efforts to promote a culture of reading throughout Rwanda. In particular, it will be responsible for the following:

  • Facilitating the coordination of stakeholder activities so that 1) efforts are complemented rather than duplicated and 2) stakeholders can learn from each other and capitalize on what is working well;
  • Facilitating networking among stakeholders in the education sector and industry to support supply and demand of books;
  • Identifying, fostering, and promoting initiatives that target the production, distribution and use of reading materials;
  • Providing a forum for open dialogue on successes and challenges as well as sharing of best practices;
  • Supporting campaigns and other initiatives that promote reading;
  • Maintaining a webpage that highlights and promotes activities that encourage literacy in schools, homes, and the community at-large.